Liberty (R)evolution is a traveling collection of wooden monuments that chronicles the extreme antiquity and divine promise of Liberty. It’s the sharing of temporary art installations into ever higher venues, all funded by the value of the collection itself. It’s a cause with its very own art form, “Fire Inside”, where sculptures survive their own burn. It’s about one word, shouted and whispered down millennia; yours for now but not for free, Liberty.

An all new art-form distinguishes Liberty (R)evolution from just any cause. This is where solid wooden monuments crack with fire at the epic Burning Man Festival and related events. The artist, known there as “Timeless” directs participants to carve tunnels and caverns through his massive, finished carvings using fire; literally burning them from the inside-out. With a special hardening finish, the charred sculptures survive, more valuable than before.

The artist has funded this traveling art installation by completing commissions for private collectors. To move on to museums and higher venues, we must maintain that same independence. Soon expenses will be driven by Liberty-loving investors and collectors. This section explains how real-live guardians of Liberty can promote sound values by leveraging this collection’s intrinsic market value. Value that promotes values... Doing well while doing good...

Notice: Timeless Sculptures and Fire Inside Art make no claim to be affiliated with, nor to represent the Burning Man Organization or any of its principals in any way.

© 2017 by Fire Inside Art.