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Creative Cauldron

by “Timeless” for Da Vinci’s Workshop

A sculpture created by taking away

Fire art that burns backwards

A cultural artifact that survives the flames

All produced by private money to be shared publicly…


This installation celebrates the kindling Renaissance on display at Da Vinci’s Workshop. It features Firemeister Timeless’ very latest installment of his wandering Liberty (R)evolution, a series of public art sharings that span nine years, 8 monuments and growing. Creative Cauldron features The Man’s head, carved from a mammoth cedar stump -- that most famous head, engulfed in carved flames and this sculpture is titled “Liberty Torch”


Those carved flames deliver, once again to the playa one of the artist’s mesmerising, inside-out burns that take hours to consume solid wooden sculptures -- Timeless’ very own trademark art form, “Fire Inside”.


Participants take a life-altering oath before ascending the ladder to drive or suppress -- with breath or with water -- through copper tubes the crackling rage consuming our Man’s head. Volunteers carve with flames and passion as the Firemeister barks!


Part ceremony, part celebration, Timeless specially created Fire Inside to give the artist’s (R)evolution its mind-searing kick because the fire is eventually dowsed and textures hardened and the monuments survive to tell the Burning story in Default.

You, yes you yourself may be one of the honored to experience the Fire Inside as it happens, just watch for a wooden cauldron of carved flames burning mid-week at sunsets --       12 O’clock and The Temple, as wind conditions allow.


So get your ass there and be ready...things are look’n good for Liberty kid...

Fire Inside sculptures survive the flames and go on to live in Default where they delight and mystify those unlucky creatures who have never been to Black Rock City.







This installation and a string of subsequent sharings are driven by the artist’s brainchild, the funding model Larry Harvey calls “a virtuous Circle” ...


Watch for the educational display at this installation!


Inspire investors / Enable artists /  Enhance destinations / Fortify communities

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