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Promethean passion (A Fire Inside)

An art installation for Radical Ritual by Firemeister Timeless

WHAT!! Is it The Man in there? That burning man, surrounded in carved flames? It is, but Fire Inside is far from your grandmother’s burn. It’s a ritual where solid wooden sculptures burn from inside the wood, only to be extinguished at juuuuust the right moment, to create art that survives the playa. Textures hardened, the plyafied monument will go on to be shared in Decompressions and public settings as far and wide as possible or farther -- a worthy emissary of the fertile culture from a barren desert...

For Radical Ritual, real flames will crack, just as close or closer to The Temple than possible, 30 feet up! Participants will ascend in a lift to the flames, to drive them with their own breath through copper tubes, or suppress them with water as the Firemeister barks! And while the fire rages in the gaping wooden cauldron, in ritualistic fashion each breath will inject the intent, passion and feelings of the driver, deep into the wood -- and that’s some powerful medicine.  

Missing will be extravagant outfits, gay lighting and flashy effects. We’re not trying to be something here, we’re trying to do something. This ritual is about creating a talisman, an amulet, a power object and the spell we cast will stoke a new renaissance already smoldering. The surviving Playa Artifact is to be called “Libertree” and it will join Timeless’ traveling art installation, roving now for a full decade, “Liberty (R)evolution”. Because what is renaissance if not liberation of The Man himself?

See those yellow flames sculpted into this wax maquette? Those depict real fire, not carved flames, as throughout the rest of the sculpture.

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