What ever happens, Liberty must endure…

Elegant Title

Liberty (R)evolution, the traveling art collection now has its own theme-sculpture of the same title. While the larger collection speaks of Liberty's history and promise, the new sculpture is designed to paraphrase the larger collection. Soon all of the sculptures in the collection will be photographically digitized, to allow replications in any size to be made available, but today only Liberty (R)evolution, the sculpture is ready for production... Next theme piece will be enlarged in hot-cast bronze, 10 feet tall, at the request of an east coast investor/collector.

Liberty (R)evolution

By Timeless, ©2021


A sphere made of light divides the night, whistling down the ages. Pierce the sky to crystallize history’s tattered pages. A cudgel on the ruling class, a stone to slay the ogre at last. Here to quell the fever raging, a pill to swallow, a load to shoulder; civilization’s clash with power. A return to the mother — our golden past. These ancient seeds of renaissance, aloft to flower. This is Liberty, the lucky find! Here for now but not for free; the higher evolution of humankind...



Liberty (R)evolution

the sculpture

(Here depicted in white marble)  

DaviD_ver_8__035 - Copy.jpg
LG ren 004.jpg
LG ren 001.jpg


Matthew “Timeless” Welter is a professional sculptor and art mentor to many. In early 2020, before the monuments toppled, Timeless acquired a small rendition of Michelangelo’s David and spent intensive months adding meticulous contemporary forms in clay, to create a very special “maquette”, to guide enlargements. 




With digital scanning, 3D printing and cutting casting techniques, weatherable replications, can now be made in any size, small to huge, to simulate any material, or be cast in hot-bronze.


Liberty (R)evolution has been designed to display in privately owned resorts, office parks, sculpture parks and homes, in any weather.



Proceeds from the sale of replications will help place the art installation, also titled Liberty (R)evolution, into ever higher venues...resorts, sculpture parks and museums around the world.  


Now collaborating with collectors and investors to create personalized replications of Liberty (R)evolution, the sculpture in any size, in bronze, wood, or a wide range of faux materials.

LG ren 006.jpg
Sculpture - 5.jpg

We anticipate Liberty (R)evolution at teen feet tall will be even more powerful in bronze...


Background: timelesssculptures.com

Artist, Matthew “Timeless” Welter / email:fireinsideart@gmail.com / Tel: (775) 230-1718 / 

Location: 19163 Scotts Flat rd. Nevada City, CA 95959 / Mailing: PO box 2276, Nevada City, CA 95959 /