Liberty Must Endure…

Liberty (R)evolution, the traveling art collection now has its own theme sculpture of the same title. While the collection speaks of Liberty's ancient past, the new sculpture is designed to carry the thread into tomorrow. Someday all of the sculptures in the collection will be digitized and replications in any size will also be made available, but today Liberty (R)evolution, the sculpture is ready for production... 


Falling  monuments topple history into revolution. This is a way to pass along what books and films, what governments cannot:



  • Encode their common thread of Liberty into one sculpture that speaks to people now. 

  • Distribute replications everywhere, of any size and material.

  • Display on grounds, floors and tabletops, for private owners to protect, promulgate and pass along...

Liberty (R)evolution

the sculpture

DaviD_ver_8__035 - Copy.jpg

(Here depicted in white marble)  

LG ren 004.jpg
LG ren 001.jpg


Liberty (R)evolution is all about humankind’s ongoing transformation from intelligent creatures to spiritual beings. It’s about the rise of Liberty; the catalyst of civilization that can lead to a fully awakened state.  The images underscore the extreme antiquity and still unmet potential of Liberty. 


Michelangelo's David, is again cast as humanity rising against oppression. With sculptural devices from realism to pure form abstractions and starting from the sculpture’s base, the piece records the story of civilization from its Sumerian roots, circa 2,300 BC.  According to their own historical documents, sky gods bestowed wondrous knowledge that forever impacted humanity. 


 That transformational event is represented by toppling crystals, all folding into the great ziggurat of Ur; that seminal epicenter of civilization, here cloistered in the roots of existence. Seeds of higher thought take form in perfect orbs ascending, along with the viewer's eye. One of them, “Amagi”, the Sumerian word for Liberty, is clenched firmly in David’s right hand -- the elemental  equalizer against unchecked power.

The orbs ascend, across the torso of that iconic liberator, finally flowering aloft into full renaissance, a welter of ideas and deeds, to think and do anything possible. David’s crowning headdress swirls around the crystal rays of enlightenment and into itself tumultuously, into the vast untapped chambers of potential. A quickening of the human spirit made possible by a still-thriving, malina-long, inspired-by-the-gods, Liberty (R)evolution.


Matthew “Timeless” Welter is a professional sculptor and art mentor to many. In early 2020, before the monuments toppled, Timeless acquired a small rendition of Michelangelo’s David and spent intensive months adding meticulous contemporary forms in clay, to create a very special “maquette”, to guide enlargements. “I wanted to depict”, writes the seasoned sculptor “the extreme antiquity, the grandeur and still-unmet potential of Liberty”. 


Now, with cutting-edge scanning, 3-D printing and casting techniques, weather-able replications can be made in any size, to simulate any material, or be cast in hot-bronze. 

Liberty (R)evolution has been designed to display in privately owned resorts, office parks, sculpture parks and homes, in any weather. Cutting-edge collaboration spanning 5 centuries.


Proceeds from this project will help place the art installation, also titled 

Liberty (R)evolution into public spaces far and wide.  


Now collaborating with collectors and investors to create personalized replications of Liberty (R)evolution, in any size, in bronze, wood, or a wide range of faux materials. To discuss your ideas, write to:

 Or call: 775-230-1718

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