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“Liberty (R)evolution Returns” and the Tahoe Sculpture Garden

The epic Burning Man Festival in Nevada, legendary for fire art and its creative cauldron of genius assembles annually in Black Rock City, Nevada. That fabled, temporary city is built on a dry lakebed and dismantled without a trace each summer, but the “Burning Community” is highly influential all year and all over the art world. Art that survives “the playa” is rare and highly valued. From the culture-bending city is birthed the enigmatic, evolving installation now visiting Tahoe’s shores, Liberty (R)evolution. This is a collection of monuments and a string of sharings in public spaces. It’s a wandering art installation to deliver an ancient message, one shouted and whispered down millenia -- Liberty. Liberty (R)evolution is the cause with its very own artform, “Fire Inside” -- to distinguish from just any cause. Liberty (R)evolution Returns is the title of the current installation, in its always evolving, ever growing form.

Tahoe Beach Retreat and Lodge, in South Lake Tahoe California plays gracious host, with plans to expand the Tahoe Sculpture Garden this installation has come to engage. To this cause, the posh Retreat has dedicated their gorgeous beach and 1000 foot pier -- with the glorious lake and mountains as backdrop! We’ve begun populating the lush grounds, pool, spa and lawns with massive artworks as well. As permits become finalized we also hope to line the 1000 foot pier with amazing monuments also, which will set bureaucratic precedent for more art on the stunning shores of Lake Tahoe.

This expansion will be driven, in part by  a funding model that doubles as an alternative investment vehicle, called Fundiversify. To compliment this, the Resort has been hosting events that celebrate the art and

community and has plans to present semi-regular art auctions in their brand new conference center overlooking the art and activities.  

Timeless’ masterworks, Hand of Order, Anunnaki Watch and Aku-Aku were placed to greet resort guests and visitors to the beach beginning in the Spring of 2015. On Friday the 13th of November, the Tahoe Daily Tribune billed the official opening for the completed art installation as a two night “Pray for Snow Burn”, in almost desperate hope of breaking a devastating, multi-state drought. After a campy reception in the lodge and restaurant, the group had gathering on the beach, at the foot of the Libertyesque Hand of Order when someone delivered the ghastly news of a terrorist attack on Paris! With such eerie commencement Timeless lit the fire inside Hand of Order, a fire that would burn for hours. Descending the ladder he began reciting over a loudspeaker the poem he’d penned some 8 years hence -- the very same poem he’d shrieked to august spectators amid a blinding dust storm. That had been at Burning Man, 2008 from atop the scaffold of a then still-in-progress Hand of Order. The poem is called The Choice, about a history-changing vote between order and anarchy. The words rang like a bell against the backdrop of history that night and rang still as timeless and crew drove the flames straight through the heart of his sculpture -- the one inspired by France’s gift, our Statue of Liberty.

Almost on-cue, as the fire cracked, like some implausible script, a crazed man stumbled onto the beach waving a pistol and demanding wallets! An apprentice clutched Timeless by the tunic, rudely dragging the oblivious Firemeister off the beach as a gunshot shattered the unreal scene! Everyone watched for a body to drop, gratefully none fell. Instead a swat team took the beach, assault weapons erect, moving in tight formation across the beach -- the gunman subdued ... Whew!!! That was close. No votes for anarchy that night.

The second night’s burn was more introspective, deeper and somehow more meaningful, with all that had passed the night before. After a new cave was carved with flames into the sculpture’s massive base, Timeless was collecting his tools in the silence when he felt something falling lightly on his face ... By morning lovely white snow had blanketed the beach --  a snow that broke at twelve year drought -- and it snowed all winter, filling the ski resorts with welcome trade. By spring the melting snow was swelling rivers, lakes and reservoirs on both sides of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.


Stay tuned, big things have small beginnings…

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