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Ship of Fools

By Timeless, 2021

The bargemen watches calamity calmly, a dire scene unfolds... Desperate fingers clenching nothing, faces quiver, voices crack, splintered barges, few intact. Fools complaining, no hope remaining. A dreadful jam sets like glue. 

By ones and owes we seed the vote. The tally posts, a net is cast, some stories told, a trick or two, criers share a lovely tune. And Liberty was gone that fast.


[With 3D printing, art collectors may now opt to have this message indelibly embossed into this sculpture’s any-sized replications as an indelible beacon for Liberty...]

Power Sculpting:

  • Sculpting with chainsaws and power tools

  • 2006, fall: “Roughed-out” in South Lake Tahoe as part of a promotional event.

  • 2011, spring: Completed at Timeless Sculptures studios, Carson City


Metamorphosis by Fire Inside:

  • 2012: Consecrated by Fire Inside at Reno Decompression



  • Burning Man, 2015: Carnival of Mirrors, displayed with hardening finish at the Arrrrrrgh! Bar, Camp Gallavant.



  • This is the first ever Fire Inside sculpture to be completed with hardening finish. Ship of Fools also represents a departure from the artist’s whimsical characters and more traditional works to the more introspective Fire Inside renderings.

  • The burning on his base happened after the artist had put down the fire and gone off to sleep, only to be awakened by an apprentice “They’re burning McFeeb again!” Excited show-goers had placed him atop a live burn barrel, thinking that Timeless had not completed his burn! Apologies made and accepted, in the end, the base-burn improves the artifact’s appeal.

Available Sculptures-Ship of Fools2.jpg
Available Sculptures-Ship of Fools3.jpg
Available Sculptures-Ship of Fools1.jpg

Background (Commission wood carvings):

Contact the artist: Matthew “Timeless” Welter / Tel: (775) 230-1718 

Location and mailing: 19163 Scotts Flat rd. Nevada City, CA 95959

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