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F u n d i v e r s i f y

Burning Man's Philosophical Center dedicated an entire chapter to Fundiversify in their first eBook, "Building a Renaissance in Your Backyard".

A r t i f a c t s

that survive

inspire investors


enable artists


enhance properties


enrich communities

B u r n i n g M a n F e s t i v a l

and related events

carry the pivotal culture around the world, thereby accruing their value.

Extending that reach, an innovative program has been designed in cooperation with investment professionals and art appraisers. This model is called:

F u n d i v e r s i f y .

Hand Of Order - Burning Man 2015

Artifacts transformed at Burning Man, Playa Artifacts, are

purchased with private funds and managed by the artist through

a series of public installations, to further ripen the artifact’s provenience.


In short, artworks are purchased by investors, then consigned back to the artist -- who cares for them, exhibits them, promotes them and resells them on the secondary market created in the process.

F u n d i v e r s i f y​

Aku Aku - Burning Man 2013

Matthew Welter

“Timeless”, in the Burning Community

founded and owns



45 years of carving,

10 years of Playa Art,

visionary, artist, mentor,

sculptor of monuments in wood.

Unification Theory- Burning Man 2015




You can see the article here on the Burning Man website all about Fundiversify: 

Making Patronage Work for Us: Recognizing That Our Community Creates Value

May 4, 2016 By Caveat Magister


Burning Man founder Larry Harvey comments on Fundiversify. His insights are profound. Learn about Larry’s vision that hints at Renaissance here.


“I clicked on your name, read your document, and find your Fundiversify model very interesting. If I understand this correctly, it mandates that art move through communities. By doing so, it would seem to accrue both cultural value, as we understand it, and marketplace value, which works as an incentive for the patron to sponsor the artist. That artworks must only be sold at a particular time and place, not immediately gobbled up as part of a private collection, would seem to assure the integrity of this process. It appears to be a hybrid in which private possession and community experience might generously overlap. I can’t say I fully understand the details, but I am intrigued by what you propose. God knows, it’s hard enough for any artist to make a living, and this might be part of a solution to that problem. It certainly responds to the sentiment in my essay, that “we should invest our efforts in creating a society that conditions how money behaves”. And by the way, I am both pleased and flattered that you chose to quote me.”


[You understand quite well, Larry...happy to fill anyone in with the details.]


The remarks below come from court certified Art Appraiser Tony Pernicone, whose credentials follow:

Tony Pernicone


Accredited Senior Appraiser, American Society of Appraisers

Accredited Member, International Society of Appraisers

Avanti Fine Arts, Dealers, Appraisers, and Auctioneers

140 Bryce Canyon Rd.

San Rafael, Ca. 94903


e-mail -


Hi Matthew,

“… I read through your Fundiversify concept, and it's brilliant. I can see why so many people are latching on to the concept. It seems like you took our conversation years ago about building the value of a work of art based on its exposure, and applied it to the principle of Fundivesify. You've obviously done your homework and have come up with a substantial and very doable plan. I'm especially intrigued with allowing the sponsors of the work to include the working class man/woman, who's affinity for art, can be taken to a new level by being a part of the ownership process. And potentially share in profits as time moves along.


One of the things I'm sure you’re already aware of is the fact that the art has to be desirable. And no one is the better judge of that than the general public. That's another aspect of the philosophy I appreciate. The fact is, your work is dynamic. One only has to look at it and appreciate the imagination, skill, and craftsmanship that went into its creation; which is a big reason it attracts so much attention. That's the good news and the bad news. Not every artist who might subscribe to the theory has that ability.


Nevertheless, Fundiversify, from what I understand, gives artists of all levels of expertise the opportunity, like water, to seek its own level. Fundiversify is a very organic philosophy, and because of that and all that I've read will be successful. It might take time, but stick with it. I can easily see why Burning Man, which has essentially shunned even the mention of money, might be opening the window to your concept. And I'd be happy to help in any way I can (that's why I was hoping to meet with you so we could discuss it further; we will).


It's understandable why Larry Harvey has latched on to the idea.


And, it’s a perfect fit for the Renaissance. As you well know. The concept of the movement was to fund the arts fully in order to build a culture that would be, indeed, Timeless. I applaud and support your efforts to create a 21st Century Renaissance. If this movement builds momentum, it might also be able to build its own environment of art auctions that have nothing to do with the Bricks and Mortar Models of Christie's and Sotheby's, etc.


Cameron Koltz is a Berkley Financial and Wealth Management advisor who posts:

  • Timeless is a Burning Man artist trying to bridge the gap between burners and the general public through creative design. The 10 Principles of Burning Man are exotic and inclusive and this mentality is exactly what we are seeing with Timeless and his “Fundiversity” model. Using a 100% inclusive funding model to promote art for Burning Man while also recognizing that the non-burner community is deserving of these visual works as well could become the newest platform for art crowdfunding and the next great generation of art and artist.

  • It is often said the fastest way to make a billion dollars is to help a billion people. Today, art has become one of the most valuable portions of the 1%’s portfolios while artist seemingly live paycheck-to-paycheck looking for the next commission so they can continue to create. Radically excluding this model, I challenge any reader to think of the possibility that an artist can construct their dreams without limit from their financial dependency but create using financial community. Imagine now that under this new platform for funding – Fundiversity – we had a billion dollars and could tell artist, go make art. The results would be visually, emotionally, and financially astounding.

  • The art that Timeless has created and continues to create is not art for one man; it is art for an entire community both on and off the playa. This communal good is value at its core. Art like this appreciates in value as it becomes part of a community rather than just another collector’s trophy or dust ridden piece of desert art. If the dollars put towards art and artist is communal and the subsequent piece is used within this community its value becomes intrinsic, nearly priceless, given that it is the community’s appreciation that gives value to the art. Equally, it is the art that returns appreciation for the community by way of financial gains. This cyclical progression is in my opinion, well worth investing in and I look forward to following Timeless and Fundiversity over the next couple months/years to see the results.


Allan Gutierrez owns Urbana Investment Advisors. He posts:

  • One of my colleagues, Tom Fitzpatrick, originally saw a few of Timeless’ sculptures when driving from Reno to South Lake Tahoe over a year ago. We both were intrigued with his works and out of curiosity we paid a visit to his studio hoping to learn more about the sculptures and the sculptor. As our visit became more frequent, Timeless talked about bringing art to South Lake Tahoe to share with the public. Today we have several of his pieces at the Beach Retreat and Lodge in South Lake Tahoe. We have purchased some of the works to be enjoyed by our guests and display others Timeless has displayed for the enjoyment of the general public on the beach in front of the property. We know freedom to create art to inspire the public is the end game for Timeless, not money. That said, the reality of the world remains. We all need money for basic human needs. Without funding, the art produced many times is dictated by others versus the creative ideas of the artist. Carving bears or other animals for display can serve to fund living expenses but it doesn’t necessarily offer highly talented artist the freedom to create great art. The designs of Timeless, the preparation, the massive undertaking and the end products are more than impressive but take an enormous amount of time and therefore funding. Fundiversify is a means to offer artistic freedom for exceptional artists to create exceptional works of art. It in effect emancipates an artist from the current reality of the life of many a true artist. Maybe the common world does need and appreciate another mail box carved into the shape of a bear but wouldn’t the common world also appreciate the uncommonly great works of art Fundiversify could stimulate?

Also about or referring to Fundiversify:

Background (Commission wood carvings):

Contact the artist: Matthew “Timeless” Welter / Tel: (775) 230-1718 

Location and mailing: 19163 Scotts Flat rd. Nevada City, CA 95959

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