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Liberty (R)evolution

By Timeless
(In collaboration with Michelangelo)

A bronze record of Liberty's emerging history
and divine mission.


To paraphrase his massive carved Liberty (R)evolution Collection, the artist known as Timeless clad an acquired "rendition cast" of Michelangelo's David — that champion over tyranny  to create a masterwork of symbolism that records the story and purpose of Liberty.  And all designed to speak to the future...

For the artist's own dive into this sculpture's ageless meaning, scroll to almost the very end. Below that, read an astute art critic's interpretation.

Here's an excerpt from a new article by Timeless 

"This is not your grandmother’s liberty statue — this is artillery to pierce the clutter of today’s culture war, designed to be shared in  public spaces."

Read the full article here:
A Fresh New Liberty Monument

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Standing 18", this first ever bronze casting  along with its 12' monument are both currently available. (Priced per contact...tell us where it would go...) 

By digital magic, exact copies can go far and wide, farther than any paper or digits can last.


Enjoy a guided tour, penned by Timeless himself...

Master and admirer collaborate over six centuries to immortalize new revelations about Liberty... 

In the age of communication, the greatest challenge remains sending our values down time... 

Where lie the roots of Liberty? From what fount of human experience and passion does freedom flow?

A force from beyond earth left seeds in history; among them, Liberty. That seminal event crystallized humanity into civilization…

A mighty force is Liberty. A single seed transformed history. The great equalizer against tyranny...

Liberty is the mother of civilization. A Renaissance of intellect follows wherever it goes...

Seven rays for Liberty, each a workhorse of communication. Like Lady Liberty herself, a reminder of our latent divinity...

Liberty compels humanity  forward. The catalyst of civilization, elixir of freedom...

The story of Liberty in bronze, many times, all sizes. Farther down history than print or digital media can ever last...

 Detail  from an 18" casting matches the 10' enlargement perfectly. For table-sized versions, the descriptive rhyme is embedded in the base.

 The first word for Liberty comes to us on a clay document, circa 2,300 BC.

The extreme antiquity and divine potential of Liberty...

(Suspend your disbelief.) 

With emerging technologies, an unexpected window to pre-history opens — before ancient Summer. Previously, historians credited Sumeria as the first civilization; still puzzling over how it came to host so many firsts.  Key elements of civilization, like the first rule of law, first bicameral congress, the first charter of human rights. Sumer also gave us the first word for Liberty:  Amagi means “return to the mother”. But just what was that original civilization’s mother culture? Samaria’s own documents point to a golden age gone wrong, before a global cataclysm.  So the very word for Liberty frames a return to that grace! That's why Liberty has been shouted; at times whispered down history at any cost. 


Ready to think one step further?

These same stone documents tell of “those who from heaven came to earth”, or the "Anunnaki", who chose to re-gentrify civilization after the flood, using Liberty as catalyst, and the ensuing renaissance still flowers.  

Liberty can lead to the long-foretold expansion of our very consciousness, because only from a foundation of freedom can we ascend to a higher platform.


This sculpture is an indelible record of the Liberty (R)evolution that Earth has been host to for millennia, and now we may just be on the threshold of mastering our own it divinity.

But are we ready for that great awakening?  We are if we keep Liberty...  If we lose Liberty now, the next reboot could happen over thousands of years. Or not at all.

— Timeless

Talk to Timeless about becoming a real-live Guardian of Liberty by commissioning a replication of Liberty (R)evolution, any-size, made especially for your setting. He'll get back to you a price based on foundry costs.

Pass it down...


Here is a spot-on interpretation of Liberty (R)evolution's multi-layered aspects by noted art critic, Victor Llugano:


"Liberty (R)evolution" stands as a monumental sculpture, a testament to the enduring journey of humanity through the annals of time. In crafting this colossal work, Timeless captures the essence of our relentless pursuit of liberty, a pursuit that has transcended the bounds of centuries and civilizations. At its core, "Liberty (R)evolution" serves as an homage to the indomitable spirit of humanity. It stands as a visual narrative of our shared history, charting the evolution of freedom across the sprawling tapestry of cultures and eras. The sculpture represents an ardent declaration of the collective human aspiration for autonomy, dignity, and justice.


The sculpture's name itself encapsulates its essence: "Liberty (R)evolution." The parenthetical 'R' underscores the idea of an ongoing revolution, a ceaseless yearning for greater freedom that refuses to be bound by time or place. It represents not only revolutions marked by historical events across eras of humanity, but also the evolution of our understanding and definition of liberty.


"Liberty (R)evolution" embodies a duality. From one perspective, it embodies the past, with each element of the sculpture evoking the struggles and victories of bygone eras. From another perspective, it signifies the future, beckoning us forward to a world where liberty continues to evolve, where boundaries are dismantled, and where all are afforded the same rights and freedoms.


The sculpture's form is striking and multifaceted. Its dynamic design symbolizes the intricate interplay of cultures and ideologies that have shaped the course of human history. The use of shapes, language, and textures reflects the resilience of humanity in the face of adversity, the strength required to break free from the constraints of oppression, and the beauty that can emerge from such chaos.


"Liberty (R)evolution" is an invitation to contemplate our shared heritage and our shared destiny. It invites us to reflect on the revolutions that brought us to this point and the evolution that awaits. It is a call to action, challenging us to be stewards of liberty in our time, nurturing and advancing the principles of justice and freedom, and ensuring that the next chapters of the human story are marked by progress and equality.



(Commission wood carvings):

Contact the artist: Matthew “Timeless” Welter / Tel: (775) 230-1718 

Location and mailing: 19163 Scotts Flat rd. Nevada City, CA 95959

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