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Rhymes for Replications

(Listed in order of their Metamorphosis by Fire Inside.)

Using 3D printing and modern casting techniques, art collectors may now opt to have these messages engraved directly into the surface of their respective replications, then cast in in bronze as small or as large as a setting requires. These will literally carry the message of Liberty longer than any book or film can, in case history does not...

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Liberty (R)evolution

By Timeless, ©2021

A sphere made of light divides the night, whistling down the ages. Pierce the sky to crystallize history’s tattered pages. A cudgel on the ruling class, a stone to slay the ogre at last. Here to quell the fire raging, a pill to swallow, a load to shoulder; civilization’s clash with power. A return to the mother — our golden past. These ancient seeds of renaissance, aloft to flower. This is Liberty, the lucky find! Here for now but not for free. It's the higher evolution of humankind...



By Timeless, ©2021

What promise lies and all things good arise from Liberty.

The catalyst of civilization, pearl of humanity born of irritation, the elixir, the seminal spark — the arbiter of authority ...

The ultimate ascension plan. All pay heed!

Every generation, each and every one, our very grain is tuned

to make the way for Liberty.



By Timeless, ©2021

The bargemen watches calamity calmly, a dire scene unfolds... Desperate fingers clenching nothing, faces quiver, voices crack, splintered barges, few intact. Fools complaining, no hope remaining.

A dreadful jam sets like glue.

By ones and owes we seed the vote. The tally posts, a net is cast, some stories told, a trick or two, criers share a lovely tune.

And Liberty was gone — that fast.



By Timeless, ©2021

Injustice festers, a fist of steel strikes copper and tin and history reels. Out from the clanging clutter is proof.

A story with it’s tale on fire — a crack opens wide for light to come through. A timber squeaks, the rafters creek, twisting slight but hold this time ... a shadow sneaks a view.

Ears ringing, embers clinging, time for you to choose ... live in the light or hide in the dark when Liberty comes through.



By Timeless, ©2021

A gathering of gods all knowing, cast a spell before all time. A spinning sphere of rock and water tuned to cast dispersions far, alignments rigged to supercharge.

They left it there for all to delve ... a tempered shard made of char, Liberty-inspired.

Libertas rose to buttress the gods ... to guide us to our fire inside and guard us from ourselves...



By Timeless, ©2021

Descending time’s rusted vacuum, where no transmission, codex or communiqué, no crumb of thought guaranteed segue. A face of stone speaks not once, not thrice, not five, the story shifts perpetually. Tales untold, a scheme unfolds till pages finely hewn wear thin.

Tales of power and opposition intercede. Virtue, vice, vanity. Crime-filled chasms gape, while legends from the battle break of Liberty.



(The weeping guardians)

By Timeless, ©2021

Polarities plundered, balance distorted. A tumbling force is revolution. We live like that.

In the face of ambiguities, we defended Liberty; somehow kept it upright. Stronger and weaker forces conspired, now gravity shifts and Liberty slips. Unification is still theory after all.

But we are still the guardians and our story isn’t over yet, only now we are inspired...



By Timeless, ©2021

A pyre built, an order dealt to strike. Laws are broken, rules are bent. The fire spits, soon rages — fills the night.

What once was structure is tumbling now, still Liberty soars aloft. Her pillar is built from temple blocks. A sphere complete, her power-seat, a hemisphere shields a heart that fills with fire. Her hand of order delivers flame; casts light in all directions.

“Now they can do anything!” Her voice rang out, echoing down the night. “Anything at all ... at least for now,”

she whispered with uncertainty...



(One of the Guardians of Liberty.)

By Timeless, ©2021

Powerful thoughts in power places engender playafied amulets greater than all parts. A timeless spark to animate. Liberty … the genesis of creativity; these talisman tuned to guide and guard. Devine the intertwine of spirit, mind and matter. Safe inside, the three collide,

till tyranny pulls them back apart.



By Timeless, ©2021

Three stars, a musket and lightning bolt attend a grubby confluence. Deliver down history the flame of Liberty they will — fire stolen from an angry god

who damns the folly still.

At once a contorted wisp is he, naked and awkward against the razor breeze, all caught up in revolution, alone to face insidiousness.

A shoeless gaggle gathers light to forge tomorrow’s world, all astride that great divide; 

teleported there, with only a calling  

and something very  precious…

Background (Commission wood carvings):

Contact the artist: Matthew “Timeless” Welter / Tel: (775) 230-1718 

Location and mailing: 19163 Scotts Flat rd. Nevada City, CA 95959 

 Nevada City, CA 95959 

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