With advancements in digital scanning and 3D printing and milling, any piece in the Liberty (R)evolution collection can now be rendered in any size, to simulate any material, or even real hot-cast bronze.

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Only some of the characters in Liberty (R)evolution are completed works -- those which have been concecrated by Fire Inside and treated with their hardening finish. Each of these will soon spawn it’s own series of replications. The very first of each series, forever the most valuable, is now available to patrons. With this investment, angel investors will also drive the digital scas that will enable more replications.


Just picture all those gorgeous knotts, grains and char textures in real bronze!


The latest sculpture to join the collection has already been digitally scanned and is nearing enlargement to 10 feet in enduring bronze. The sculpture has been designed by the artist to paraphrase the Liberty (R)evolution collection, whose title it shares. The final work will be a collaboration across the centuries with Michelangelo himself. It tells the story in images of the great liberator David, poised to slay Goliath and records the ancient genesis and mission of Liberty on earth.

Replications in any size are now possible...

This is Matthew “Timeless” Welter’s Liberty (R)evolution, the sculpture.


Interested parties may contact Timeless directly to discuss a customized arrangement: