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Assemblage Point:

(One of the Guardians of Liberty.)

By Timeless, 2021


Powerful thoughts in power places engender playafied amulets greater than all parts. A timeless spark to animate. Liberty … the genesis of creativity; these talisman tuned to guide and guard. Devine the intertwine of spirit, mind and matter. Safe inside, the three collide till tyranny pulls them back apart.


[With 3D printing, art collectors may now opt to have this message indelibly embossed into this sculpture’s any-sized replications as an indelible beacon for Liberty...]

1986ish: Terracotta Maquette


Power Sculpting:

  • Throughout the late 80’s and early 90’s: Lake Tahoe studios


Metamorphosis by Fire Inside:

  • Spring, 2017, on barricaded Virginia Street, at annual Reno Sculpture Fest



  • 2007, Burning Man, Green Man: A character in the art installation, America Empowering the World...Again.

  • 2008: Burning Man, American Dream: Featured in the art installation, The Choice.

  • 2009: Burning Man,  Evolution, One of The Guardians of Liberty in the art installation, Liberty (R)evolution

  • 2013 Burning Man, Cargo Cult: In the sculpture garden at Fractal Planet, BRC

  • 2016: Da Vinci’s Workshop, at the entryway sculpture garden, Silicon Village, BRC

  • 2017: Precompression, Los Gatos, South Bay Burners Decompression, debut showing with hardening finish

  • 2017: Radical Ritual the only Guardian of Liberty in the art installation, Promethean Passion

  • 2018: I, Robot: Displayed at Camp Gallavant, BRC


Extended Showings:

  • 2010, Early Summer-2011, late winter, character in Liberty (R)evolution, Ski Run Marina, South Lake Tahoe, CA.


Noteworthy: One of the artist’s first interludes into his self-described “cross-section of my soul” figurative expressions.

image4 (2).jpeg

Background (Commission wood carvings):

Contact the artist: Matthew “Timeless” Welter / Tel: (775) 230-1718 

Location and mailing: 19163 Scotts Flat rd. Nevada City, CA 95959

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