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Liberty (R)evolution, the sculpture

by Timeless

image (4).jpg

A fresh symbol to record the ancient roots of Liberty...

Timeless has adorned, with his own con-temporized forms, an acquired “rendition” cast of Michelangelo’s David. This is to be a never before possible collaboration over the centuries.  

In the process, Liberty (R)evolution, the traveling art collection now has its own theme-sculpture of the same title. The new sculpture is designed to paraphrase the larger collection's message.

At the request of an east coast investor/collector the sculpture is now being enlarged in hot-cast bronze, , on a bronze pedestal. All 13 feet will tower proud at the "Biggest international art show in America", Art Basel in Miami Beach, 2023.

The artist known as Timeless labors over his contemporary adornments, striving to match Michelangelo's attention to detail...

Extreme Antiquity, Devine Promise...

With new technologies, an unexpected window to pre-history opens to us.  Ancient Summer — that first civilization, yet host to the first rule of law, first bicameral congress, first charter of human rights — also gives us the first word for Liberty: Amagi, or “return to the mother”.  But just what was that original civilization’s mother culture? Samaria’s own clay documents point before Noah’s flood, to a golden age gone wrong … so the very word for Liberty frames a return to that grace!  Clay documents also tell of “those who from heaven came to earth” , or the "Anunnaki", who bestowed upon humanity the very seeds of civilization, with Liberty as catalyst. 

This sculpture is about the Liberty (R)evolution that Earth has been host to, for thousands of years!

Here's a brief guide to the symbolism: 

An outside force impacts time; a sphere striking crystals depicts the genesis of intellect. At their base emerges a Ziggurat, that ancient seat of intellectual and creative knowledge. The mother sphere begets many more, rising up the now energized human form, sovereign and living on the land. One comes to rest in humanity's hand; a stone against tyranny, at last flowering aloft into a renaissance of super consciousness; an evolution made possible by that precious gift from before history, Liberty...

The rhyme below was composed to be engraved deep into the mother sphere, of the 10 foot enlargement:

Liberty (R)evolution

By Timeless, ©2021

A sphere made of light divides the night, whistling down the ages. Pierce the sky to crystallize history’s tattered pages. A cudgel on the ruling class, a stone to slay the ogre at last. Here to quell the fire raging, a pill to swallow, a load to shoulder; civilization’s clash with power. A return to the mother — our golden past. These ancient seeds of renaissance, aloft to flower. This is Liberty, the lucky find! Here for now but not for free. It's the higher evolution of humankind...

Below is a computer generated image taken from the artist's original, depicting the above words engraved deep into the mother sphere. Optionally, replications will literally cary down history a timeless message about the extreme antiquity and divine potential of Liberty...


Liberty (R)evolution

This very first foundry proof is 18 inches tall.

 By digital magic, castings may now be commissioned in any size, small to huge! With smaller sculptures to be legible for smaller replications, the artist's rhyme is printed on a copper plate, embedded under clear resin, in their hardwood bases.

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image (1).jpg
image (3).jpg

The adventure unfolds!

Liberty (R)evolution is now being cast in enduring hot-cast bronze, thirteen feet tall on its three foot bronze pedestal. 

Timeless begins the process by sculpting contemporary forms in oil clay, on an acquired rendition cast of Michelangelo's David. He must match the master's  humbling attention to detail...

pasted image 0.jpg

Digital scanning photographs every contour, then technicians assemble the images in a computer model!


Foundry owners show off a 3D printed hand from a mold taken from THE David in Flourance, Italy.

Foundry-man clowns with wax-infused head, featuring a face taken from THE Davids face, in Florence, Italy

Molten bronze fills ""investments" made of silicate.... The lost wax process is ancient in its own rite...

Freshly cast bronze parts pile up, waiting to be assembled and welded together...

A bronze sphere displays the engraved rhyme, penned by the artist himself..

Casted parts being and waiting to be assembled

Liberty (R)evolution begins to rise!
The all-important, descriptive rhyme -sphere being assembled with adjacent part.

Below are computer generated images taken from the artist's original, depicting the sculpture in marble. With 3D printing and modern casting techniques, any faux materials are now possible!

"This is Liberty--the lucky find! It's the higher evolution of humankind..."

A sphere made of light divides the night, whistling down the ages. Pierce the sky to crystallize history’s tattered pages.

"A cudgel on the ruling class, a stone to slay the ogre at last..."

"These ancient seeds of renaissance aloft to flower..."

Send a fresh symbol about the extreme antiquity and divine potential of Liberty into tomorrow. Contact us about commissioning a special replication of Liberty (R)evolution, custom made for your setting.


Artist: Matthew “Timeless” Welter / Tel: (775) 230-1718 

Location: 19163 Scotts Flat rd. Nevada City, CA 95959

 Mailing: PO box 2276, Nevada City, CA 95959 

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