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Promethean Passion:

By Timeless, 2021


Three stars, a musket and lightning bolt attend a grubby confluence. Deliver down history the flame of Liberty they will — fire stolen from an angry god who damns the folly still. At once a contorted wisp is he, naked and awkward against the razor breeze, all caught up in revolution, alone to slay insidiousness. A shoeless gaggle gathers light to forge tomorrow’s world, all astride that great abyss; a courier with a calling each, all alone with something  precious…


[With 3D printing, art collectors may now opt to have this message indelibly embossed into this sculpture’s any-sized replications as an indelible beacon for Liberty...]

Wax maquette:

  • 2011, winter, Lake Tahoe, Timeless Sculptures temporary gallery


Power Sculpting:

  • Carved at Timeless Sculptures studios, Carson City, NV and various Burner events including:

  • 2011: Decompression, Sacramento

  • 2011: Decompression, Reno

  • 2011: During the Nevada Day Parade, with other Burner displays and performances

  • 2911: Burning Man, Rites of Passage, in the artist’s camp, 8:30 and D, BRC

  • 2017: Spring and Summer at Timeless Sculptures studios, Carson City, NV


Metamorphosis by Fire Inside:

  • 2017, Radical Ritual before the The Temple:  Installation, Promethean Passion



  • 2016: Burning Man, Da Vinci’s Workshop, in the sculpture garden at Sizzleville, BRC

  • 2017, spring: Precompression, Los Gatos, South Bay Burners Decompression, displayed still in progress

  • 2017:Burning Man, Radical Ritual, character in the installation: Creative Cauldron.

  • 2018: Burning Man, I, Robot


Extended Showings:

  • 2017, early summer: Displayed for 30 days before Metamorphosis burn, Brewery Art Center, in Nevada’s capital, Carson City

  • 2017, fall: Displayed for 30 days with fresh burn, Brewery Art Center in Nevada’s capital, Carson City

image4 (8).jpg
image5 (3).jpg

Background (Commission wood carvings):

Contact the artist: Matthew “Timeless” Welter / Tel: (775) 230-1718 

Location and mailing: 19163 Scotts Flat rd. Nevada City, CA 95959

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