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The traveling art collection, Liberty (R)evolution, as been self-funded by completing commissions for private collectors and as we move on to higher venues we will maintain that same independence. Expenses will be driven by Liberty-loving investor/collectors. This section explains how real-live guardians of Liberty can promote sound values by leveraging this collection’s intrinsic market value. Doing well while doing good... Angel investors are now being awarded special arrangements.  Angel investors are now being awarded special arrangements... 


(Vaults for value(s)

Two ways to invest in Liberty...



“A Perfect Circle” 

—  Burning Man Founder, the late Larry Harvey


March 30, 2018 – January 21, 2019, Smithsonian Institute. Burning Man Exhibition doubles attendance over the previous year. Cincinnati Art Museum and the Oakland Museum of California follow by 2020.


Mischell Riley, Maya's Mind. Photo by Jeff Song.

Garlington and Bertotti_Paper Arch_2018_

Marco Cochrane, Truth is Beauty, 2017. Photo by Ron Blunt.

Michael Garlington and Natalia Bertotti, Paper Arch, 2018. Photo by Ron Blunt.

Art appraisers call such coveted placement provenance, but the curious “Burning Community” has always been loaded with the stuff, largely for the plethora of stories escaping from the events, but also for its role in cultural evolution. Time Magazine's “100 Most Important Sites of Civilization” only hints at the accolades.


This industry article pays tribute.


The production and sharing of this collection of monuments has spanned seven American presidents, as an actual Liberty revolution builds to its current crescendo. As Liberty (R)evolution has evolved, each stop has also contributed to the roving installation’s history — that trusted determinant of value. These artworks have survived their own burn at the annual  Burning Man events, a culture famous for burning it’s most celebrated fruits. Appraisers and curators call these “playa artifacts” and their replications are also heir to that provenance.

For a dozen summers the Liberty Bell rang loud at the fabled events and “Fire Inside'' has become a respected ritual ceremony — and each burn metaphysically yields a modern-day talisman


These artworks and ceremonies came to rest, for three consecutive summers adjacent to Burning Man’s world-renowned Temple; coveted placement indeed…


A Fire Inside ritual ceremony was selected  for the definitive book, Burning Man, Art on Fire (Co written by the event's founder, the late, Larry Harvey.). From decades of glorious burns, an mage by Scott London was selected after first appearing on Rolling Stone's website. It was the only photograph on the facing page for the chapter "Art Ablaze".



Judy Judd (4).webp

Not bad considering they lit the first piece in the collection ablaze just following the famous arson attack on The Man itself, Burning Man, 2007... A ten foot Statue of Liberty attacked by arson.
But what's past is prologue and so began a fabulous tale...


Investment value:

The Liberty (R)evolution Collection, set against its historical backdrop has come full circle in the influential Burning Community, itself a force of cultural change. This values the collection beyond just any wooden statues. That value can ultimately diversify and fortify investment portfolios, all while fostering more replications. These replications can drive the collection into higher venues around the world — further accruing the value of the wooden originals. That's doing well while doing good...


Background (Commission wood carvings):

Contact the artist: Matthew “Timeless” Welter / Tel: (775) 230-1718 

Location and mailing: 19163 Scotts Flat rd. Nevada City, CA 95959

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