Liberty (R)evolution is a collection of monuments carved with chainsaws and fire, a response to arson on Liberty itself. It’s a string of temporary installations into communities, all privately funded. It’s a cause with its very own fire-art form, itself created from disaster, now a ritual called Fire Inside. It’s roving performance art with a timeless message by and for a common people. It’s one word, shouted and whispered down millennia, yours for now but not for free: Liberty.

An all new art form called Fire Inside distinguishes this cause from any other. This is where solid wooden monuments crack with fire at the epic Burning Man Festival and related events-- where burning art is ritual.

“Firemeister Timeless” directs participants, to carve tunnels and caverns through his massive carvings using fire, literally burning them from inside-out. With a special hardening finish, the sculptures survive more valuable than before, now distinguished as an official Liberty (R)evolution artifact. Rich provenance, coupled with extreme rarity and notoriety make Fire Inside Art smart investment.

To finance the (R)evolution comes Fundiversify, an innovative investment model where patrons drive the cause by owning publicly displayed works. The sculptures can change ownership as values accrue. This alternative investment vehicle is called “Fundiversify”. Dubbed a "virtuous circle" by Burning Man founder Larry Harvey, Fundiversify may soon deliver more varied funding to artists, enabling more diverse art and truer artistic expressions, both on and off the famous playa.

Notice: Timeless Sculptures and Fire Inside Art make no claim to be affiliated with, nor to represent the Burning Man Organization or any of its principals in any way.

© 2017 by Fire Inside Art.